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  • What do the ratings mean on the manga books?
    Always use these ratings at your own discretion, however we have used the ratings from the Viz Media website to keep things easy to understand: A -- All Ages. May be suitable for readers or consumers of any age. For example, may contain mild language and fantasy violence but no swearing or nudity. T -- Teen. May be suitable for early teens and older. For example, may contain violence, infrequent use of strong language, suggestive themes or situations, crude humour, alcohol and/or tobacco use. T+ -- Teen Plus. May be suitable for older teens and adults. For example, may contain intense and/or gory violence, sexual content, frequent strong language, alcohol, tobacco and/or other substance use. M -- Mature. Suitable for adults only. May contain extreme violence, mature themes and graphic depictions.
  • What does "Pre-Loved" mean?
    "Pre-Loved" includes items that are ex-returns in resellable condition or slightly damaged in some way such as having slight marks or dents. Pre-Loved items are always marked down in price (easily seen by the price ending in "0") and will be specified in the description why it's marked as pre-loved. We will never sell you something with a cracked spine or ripped cover/pages.
  • Where do your indie author books come from?
    I try and work directly with the authors where possible to put the money straight into their pocket rather than going through a middle man, plus it keeps prices down for you too! If there's any indie authors you love that you wish would appear on the site, send through an email or a message and I'll try my best to get them.
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