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Three tests. Five Lords. Swear a blood oath, or die. Born under the Hunter’s moon, Aereen is a cursed woman with a secret: fire burns hot inside of her. But, even the depths of this mysterious power isn't enough to save her. Tradition demands she is to the price of a failed human rebellion, raged centuries ago, with her freedom. Surrendering herself to the Lord of the Wolves, Aereen is whisked to the elven capital, Shaydenhall. There, she is forced to face death in three deadly trials, weaved to test her very soul. All to make a life-altering decision. Which of the five powerful, ancient lords will Aereen swear to?


Aereen soon finds herself caught in the arms of her captor, lured by both human and beastly desire. She was raised to hate his kind, but with each captured gaze, soft caress, and rapid beat of her heart that loathing transforms into a fiery flirtation. Burning through everything she once knew, for something new to bloom in the ashes. Love.


Just as the Lord of the Wolves begins to consume Aereen’s every waking thought, and his name on her tongue for her final choice. The mysterious Lord of the Shadows casts himself across her path. Aereen must decide if she can love the wild lord who is more beast than man, or if there is something darker lurking in the corridors of the glittering palace that calls for her heart….

Blessed by the Maiden ~ by Demi Clorissa

SKU: 9780645682229
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  • Author Demi Clorissa
    Series Daughter of the Wood #1
    Pages 488
    Size 127mm x 204mm
    Format Paperback
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