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Nineteen minute and eleven seconds separated us at birth.

On the official documentation, he is older...

Although it really has nothing to do with age.

What it really means is that I am, and have always been, second.


Ben and Grace Walker are twins. Growing up in a sleepy coastal town it was inevitable they'd love the ocean. Always close, they surfed together for hours as the sun melted into the sea. At seventeen, Ben is a rising surf star, the golden son and the boy all the girls fall in love with. Beside him, Grace feels like she is a mere reflection of his light. In their last year of school, the world beckons, full of possibility. For Grace, finishing exams and kissing Herley Matthews is just the bginning.


Then, one day, the unthinkable. Suddenly all that was safe and predicatble is lost. And everything unravels.


Breathing Under Water is a lyrical and emotionally powerful novel about life, death and learning to breathe in between.

Breathing Under Water ~ by Sophie Hardcastle

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  • Author Sophie Hardcastle
    Series --
    Pages 310
    Size 130mm x 198mm
    Format Paperback
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