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The Great War is over...

But a new war has begun.


The flu is spreading, though mostly in the poorer houses where people live close together. Dr Barnes thinks it might spread by contact. The Town Hall is full of flu patients. The government have closed all the cinemas, pubs, theatres, racetracks and music halls.


As the horrors of the First World War are drawing to a close, a new danger has arisen -- an influenze pandemic. Charlotte McKenzie, assisting the doctor next door, finds herself helping the community as they battle this devastating disease. And when it attacks her own family, Charlotte finds that her own strangth and wisdom becomes integral in the fight against an invisible, but powerful enemy.

Contagion ~ Kerry Greenwood

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  • Series --
    Pages 182
    Size 129mm x 198mm
    Binding Paperback
    Pre-Loved Reason Second hand


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