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These men killed mine, and for that, they have to die.


Bristlebrook is up in smoke, my brutes are dead, and Sam's camp is a powder keg begging for a flame. Injured and furious over their losses, the surviving hunters are preoccupied with their own problems. Their factions and allegiances. Their internal wars and pissing contests. The new world they want to forge. they don't look twice at their meek little captive.


They shattered my heart five ways when they killed my brutes, so I don't care anymore. If I'm to stop the villains, I need to become one.


I need to be smart. I need to be ruthless.

Even if it means razing myself to the ground to do it...


We're bringing her home, or we're not coming home.


They took our librarian from right under our noses - and with Lucky injured, Bristlebrook in flames, and our personal problems finally spilling over, we're fracturing.


But we need to be better.

Bringing Eden home is the most important mission of our lives.


Followed closely by the second most important... building her a home worth returning to.


Entangled ~ by Rebecca Quinn

SKU: 9780648503125
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  • Author Rebecca Quinn
    Series Brutes of Bristlebrook #2
    Pages 409
    Size 130mm x 200mm
    Format Paperback
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