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Abigail wondered why it was only her voice that had disappeared. Her friends spoke loudly and clearly all the time.

“Let’s build a sandcastle,” said Ben.

Abigail wanted to say, let’s make a ginormous one! Her mouth was moving, but there was no sound coming out.

Her loud voice was still lost.


Join Abigail on an adventure as she tries to find her loud, brave voice at school. Will she ever find it?




Written by Australian author, Glaiza De Leon, with beautiful hand-painted watercolour illustrations by Anastasia Popp. After years of dreaming to become a published author, Glaiza’s daughter inspired her to bring this story to life. The story is based off true events that her daughter experienced during her first year of school… Which many other school children can relate to. It inspires young children who are shy and quiet, to bravely express their thoughts, one word at a time.

Mummy, I Can't Find My Loud Voice ~ be Glaiza De Leon

SKU: 9781922532213
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  • Author Glaiza De Leon
    Illustrator Anastasia Popp
    Series --
    Pages 36
    Size 216mm x 216mm
    Format Paperback


    Written by an Australian author!

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