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*AGES 18+ -- SPICY*


Tess Owens is my dream girl... She just doesn't know it yet.


My name is Tess Owens and my soon to b ex-husband is trying to set fire to my entire life. Unwilling to face the heat, I do what I do best: run.


I run to a new life in a new city and straight into the arms of Rachel and her team of NHL hockey players. They're all charming, but one player stands apart from the rest, the star forward of the Jacksonville Rays, Ryan Langley.


Now I have six weeks to launch a new business. Six weeks to fight for my freedom... all while fighting for my growing attraction to this All-American sweet-heart with a winning smile and a career on the rise. Did I mention he's ten years younger than me?


Ryan doesn't need my drama. And we have nothing in common. But it's getting harder to deny the way he makes me feel. Fun. Free. Wild.

Pucking Wild ~ by Emily Rath

SKU: 9781405963428
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  • Author Emily Rath
    Series Jacksonville Rays #2
    Pages 613
    Size 130mm x 198mm
    Format Paperback
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