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Set in Brisbane, Australia, this is the exciting first book in a new Urban Fantasy series that will have you hooked immediately.


On the evening of her 25th birthday, Isolde's life couldn't be more perfect. Set to marry the love of her life and get everything she has dreamed of for herself, the last thing she expected was to have a stranger step into her life and turn it upside down.


But when tragedy strikes and her world falls apart, she discovers that everything she believes about herself and the world is, in fact, an illusion. Dark forces truly exist; her destiny is to become a beacon of light in the darkness.


Now, she must harness the powers that are slowly unravelling within her, with the help of the Order she was destined to be a part of from birth and guided by a man with secrets of his own.

*SIGNED* Illusions ~ by Allison A. Andrews

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  • Author Allison A. Andrews
    Series Order of the Dragon #1
    Pages 269
    Size 134mm x 204mm
    Format Paperback
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