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Irredeemable. Uncontrollable. Expendable.


Who is the Suicide Squad? Supervillains recruited from prisons and sent on covert suicide missions to chave off jail time. Nanite bombs in their necks to keep them on a short leash. Everyone's disposable. nobody's accountable. And brutality and death is just another day at the office.


The Squad's first mission will pit just six - Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Voltaic, Black Spider, and King Shark - against a weaponized horde of 60,000. As their controller, the unflappable Amanda Waller, navigates her band of assassins from mission to mission, a worldwide threat emerges that only they can stop... if these rogues don't kill each other first.


And what could possibly go wrong when Harley finds out that her boyfriend, the Joker, has been skinned alive?

Kicked in the Teeth ~ Adam Glass, Frederico Dallocchio, Clayto

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  • Series Suicide Squad (2011) #1
    Pages 160
    Size 170mm x 256mm
    Binding Paperback
    Pre-Loved Reason Second hand


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