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Henry Weaver is missing.

Three months ago, thirteen-year-old Henry disappeared from The Shallows during a violent storm, leaving behind his muddy mountain bike at the train station.


Mason Weaver is trapped.

While Mason doesn't know who he is or what he's capable of, he knows the one thing binding him to this suffocating small town is his younger brother, Henry.


Chloe Baxter wants answers.

Why would Henry run away withour telling her? One of Chloe's friends knows something and she's determined to find out the truth...


As Chloe wades into dangerous waters and Mason's past emerges, a chilling question ripples to the surface...


How far would you go to keep a secret?

Deep Water ~ by Sarah Epstein

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  • Author Sarah Epstein
    Series --
    Pages 389
    Size 135mm x 210mm
    Format Paperback
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