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*AGES 18+ -- SPICY*


He had her, he lost her... and he'll do anything to win her back.


Powerful, brilliant, and ambitious, Dominic Davenport clawed his way up from nothing to become the King of Wall Street.


He has everything -- a beautiful home, a beautiful wife and more money than he could spend in a lifetime. But no matter how much he accumulates, he's never satisfied.


In his endless quest for more, he drives away the only person who saw him s enough.


Kind, intelligent, and thoughtful, Alessandra Davenport has played the role of trophy wife for years.


She stood by her husband while he built an empire, but now she realizes he's no longer the man she fell for.


When it becomes clear that she'll always come second to his work, she finally takes charge of her life and puts herself first -- even if it means leaving the only man she's ever loved.


But what she didn't count on was his refusal to let her go... or for him to fight for their marriage, no matter what it takes.

King of Greed ~ by Ana Huang

SKU: 9780349436357
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  • Author Ana Huang
    Series Kings of Sin #3
    Pages 321
    Size 130mm x 198mm
    Format Paperback
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